Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Members of the Associazione Museo Nazionale del Cinema ETS – Friends of the Fondazione Maria Adriana Prolo for the modification of the Articles of Association.

On May 7, 2021 at 4.45 p.m. via the Zoom platform, in second call, the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Associazione Museo Nazionale del Cinema (AMNC), regularly convened on April 21, 2021, took place with the following agenda:

Amendment of the Articles of Association in order to comply with the new regulations dictated by Legislative Decree 117/2017 (Third Sector Code).

The first convocation, scheduled for May 6, 2021, at 11.45 p.m. was deserted.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Vittorio Sclaverani, takes the chair and, with the unanimous consent of those present, calls Dr. Caterina Taricano to act as secretary, who accepts.

The Chairman notes that the Meeting has been regularly convened. The President proceeds with the roll-call reminding that it is necessary to have at least a majority of half plus one, as per the Statute currently in force (Article 6 – Assemblies), for the regularity of the meeting considering that there are currently 60 regularly registered members.

The President after the counting declares that, considering the regular proxies, 49 members will have the right to vote with 11 absences, mostly constituted by honorary members; the assembly can be considered validly constituted to deliberate on the subject matter placed on the agenda, specifying that the proxy documents will be kept at the operational headquarters of the AMNC together with the acts of the minutes.

The meeting was also attended by Dr. Costanza Pagliassotto, whom the President thanked for having drafted the new document, and Dr. Chiara Garzena, the Association’s administrative manager, who in recent months has been following various training courses in order to adapt future budgets to the Third Sector Reform. The President also notes that all participants declare themselves informed about the topics on the agenda.

The President illustrated the reasons why it was necessary to adopt a new Statute reminding all those present that the National Cinema Museum Association is about to take a very important step with the possibility of opening up new opportunities considering the history and tradition of the association which was founded in 1953 by Maria Adriana Prolo. The Statute currently in force, which is about to be replaced by the new one, contains many points in common; the most important work has been to update the activities of general interest and all the norms present in the Reform of the Third Sector. The President concludes the introduction by anticipating that the complete reading of the new Statute will be alternated by some members.

At the end of the reading the President asks the members to vote to approve the new Statute.

After wide discussion the Assembly, with the favorable vote of 45 members and four abstained.


To approve all the statutory changes explained by the President.

The new text of the Statute is attached to these minutes.

Since there is nothing else to discuss and deliberate, the President declares the Extraordinary Assembly dissolved at 18.00 hours.